Coaches will provide the league approved jerseys to players, usually on picture day, before the first game.  All youth players are expected to have a navy blue pair of shorts for game days (see our 24/7 store for BBLC shorts). Players at every age division will be provided with a reversible pinnie to be used for practices.



Safety is our number one priority so with that we recommend buying equipment in good condition with excellent fit. If buying a used helmet we recommend having it reconditioned & recertified.

Sizing is important -- the adjustable adult Cascade helmets fit most heads between circumference of 21.5 and 24 circumference. Smaller circumference should get a youth helmet.

By For K-4th grade we recommend obtaining any youth helmet that is in good condition, safe, and well fitting. The Cascade CS is the entry model for this age group. A helmet is not required for new K-2 players in Spring Season.*

For players 9 to 12 years old, a new helmet model can increase comfort, fit and safety.  Cascade just released their new S Youth helmet which is their leading youth model. Cheaper helmet models exist and if you decide to purchase one use a comparable color scheme as the S Youth featured.

For players 7/8th through high school (~12 years and older) an adult helmet will be the way to go. Cascade recently launched their new S helmet. If you would like to purchase the R instead, use a comparable color scheme as the adult S featured.

Helmet color and Sticker Progression

We want kids to have a sense of excitement as they grow within the program and a sense of pride as they add new stickers along the way. We ask that you follow this progression on newly obtained equipment. If you’ve been using equipment which has advanced stickers for your age group, you don’t have to remove them.

K/2* -- Any helmet that meets safety and fit requirements. Recommended colors:

  • Navy helmet with athletic gold visor
  • White helmet

3/4 -- Any helmet that meets safety and fit requirements.  Recommended colors:

  • Navy helmet with athletic gold visor
  • White helmet

5/6 -- Navy helmet preferred

  • All 5/6 players get the Bellevue B
  • No mohawk – reserved for all 7/8
  • No “Bellevue” or gold on back of helmet – reserved for HS

7/8 -- Navy helmet (likely switching to adult size)

  • All 7/8 players get the Bellevue B
  • All 7/8 players get the mohawk. When purchasing a new adult helmet, add the athletic gold mohawk or if you’re using your helmet from 5/6, ask your coach for the mohawk stickers.
  • No “Bellevue” or gold on back of helmet – reserved for HS

High School -- Navy helmet

  • All HS players get mohawks in addition to Bellevue B and gold “Bellevue” on the back of helmet.
  • If stickers are missing or your stickers are falling off, please let your coach know.




Helmets can be ordered online.


Click PRODUCTS on the top menu bar.

Select the model you wish to purchase then select the following options: 

Shell = Navy Blue 282C,  Chin = Athletic Gold 124C, Visor = Athletic Gold 124C, Jawbone = White, Mask = White

Vent = Don't edit color, Mohawk (7/8 & HS) = Athletic Gold 124C,

Back Panel (HS Only) = Coaches provide gold "Bellevue"


Equipment (Kindergarten* through High School)

*Equipment is not required for new K-2 players during Spring Season. However, participation in scrimmages requires full equipment. BBLC can provide NEW K-2 players with a stick if needed.

Bellevue Boys Lacrosse Club does not provide equipment although we do have a used equipment exchange/sale online under INFO>Gear Exchange.

New equipment can be purchased at Lacrosse Wolf in Bellevue, Dick's Sporting Goods in Bellevue or Issaquah as well as many online suppliers. Used and rental equipment can be found at Superior Seconds in Issaquah. More information about their rental program can be found herePlay it Again Sports has multiple locations in the area for used equipment.

Players must have the following equipment at every practice and game:

  • Lacrosse Stick* & Head**
  • Lacrosse Gloves***
  • Lacrosse Shoulder & Elbow Pads
  • Lacrosse Helmet (NOCSAE certified) - more info above
  • Mouth Guard
  • Protective Cup
  • Throat Guard & Chest Pad (Goalies Only)
*Stick Length:
7/8 Short 40"-42" / Long 52"-72"
5/6 Short 40"-42" / Long 52"-72"
3/4 Short 37"-42" / Long NONE
**Lacrosse Head Options:
Youth -- NFHS or NCAA
High School -- Starting 2018 must meet NCAA specifications
***General Glove Sizing
13” = High School Mostly
12” = 7/8th & 5/6th
10” = K/2nd & 3/4th
GOALIE GLOVES = Thumb Protection